TRETECH was established in 2006, Management has in excess of +- 50years experience in the industry, in the field of Elevators and Escalators and other. Tretech Elevators is an Independent Company and 100% owned by black women , which is striving to become the leading provider of Home Lifts, Commercial Lifts, Goods Hoists, Passenger Lifts, Scissors Lifts, Escalators from supplying and Installations, Servicing and Maintaining, Disposals and removals we also supply spares for any make of unit.

Whilst our Head office is based in Durban we do offer services in Cape Town and Johannesburg where we have qualified personnel in the field to attend to any query or need the client may require. We offer services in all Provinces and Africa.

Tretech also offers Maintenance, Inspections, Repairs and Modernizations by our Team of Trained, Qualified and fully experienced Engineers and Technicians. We have acquired our own clients in the last year, to date we have service Contracts whereby the details can be provided when needed. We are also proud to be on the databases of many corporates.

TEC is a Technologically advanced company that you need to strategically place yourself ahead with regards to personnel and goods moving equipment. When consulting us, we will provide you with excellent service strategy, environmentally friendly and appealing Solutions. Our alliance partners based abroad provides us with the best quality and pricing of all your Spares and equipment.

We do repairs to all makes of elevators and escalators, home lifts, goods hoists etc. We do Maintenance Contracts We sell and install new lifts, escalators and modernizations. All packages are tailored made for your custom needs, taking into consideration any financial constraints.

We are 100% fully BBEE compliant and have a procurement rate of 135%. BBEE documentation can be emailed upon written request.

We do all Repairs on lifts and escalators and other lifting equipment and We also service and maintain all of the above and we tailor a maintenance contract to suit our clients needs. We sell and source spares required for any make of elevator and lifting equipment in the elevator Industry. We sell new elevators, escalators, home lifts, travelators, goods hoists and scissors lifts.

Our Vision

We believe that science and technology should be used to improve the quality of life

Our vision is to be a leading Elevator and Escalator company worldwide, and to become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in the vertical and horizontal transport.

Our Mission

We only provide best quality products and services

We shall provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in chosen markets, products and services across the globe, through excellence in technology, based on world-class research and development. We will design, develop and successfully market quality products to provide more efficient, affordable and right value to our customers.



Design and Sales
Installation and Maintenance
New lifts, Escalators, Travelator, Home lifts, Goods hoists & Scissor lifts 
Supply & Install Monarch Modernization packages 



Working Together

Crissy Singh (CEO)
074 841 2788

Ravin Trevor Singh (Director of operations International)
073 324 1177